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Why Are We on Earth?

I believe in reincarnation. Not influenced by any religion, but scientific evidence. Many hypnotists, scientists, journalists and people with near-death experiences have written about it. I understand this challenges and unravels many people’s belief systems,

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Happiness and Taxi Driver

A friend of mine from Europe went on a business trip to a Middle-Eastern country where he left his briefcase inside a taxi. Gone with it were his passport, wallet, three-thousand-euro cash and important documents.

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Our True Desire

As members of any modern society, most of us are “domesticated” to certain degrees. We are trained to accept conventional wisdom without question. We live life according to other people’s opinions and expectations. Instead of speaking our

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Who Are We Truly?

Most of us introduce ourselves with our names, followed by job titles. If we don’t have a job at the moment, we might say: “I’m only a staying home mom” or “ah…..well…..I’m between jobs”, embarrassed by

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Two Essential Questions

Not long ago, someone referred to me by a friend had an urgent issue. She had four job offers in three cities and two continents. They were four unrelated jobs she applied to increase her

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Constructive Criticism, Really?

Constructive criticism is an oxymoron. Criticism is finding faults and passing judgment. It creates fear, shame, guilt, self-doubts, and defensiveness. It chips away a person’s self-worth like a hammer on a marble masterpiece. It damages

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