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21st Century Workplace

Imagine working in a company where you are accepted for who you are – your strengths, quirks, interests and feelings. You are valued by your contributions – helping customers, company, colleagues and communities. You make

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We All Have Emotional Issues

Yes, we do. No need to be defensive. Just as every physical body contains harmful bacteria, scars and experiences unexpected injuries, nobody lives his entire life immune to emotional damages. Most of us were raised

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What Kind of Coaching?

With coaching enters mainstream conscious, increasing number of coaching specialties on the market makes choosing the right coach overwhelming. Some coaches define their coaching by subject expertise, such as fitness, marketing, career or mindfulness. Others

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The Miracle of BrainsKeyTM

A few weeks ago, I was trained by Dr. Ken West to practice his method of healing, called BrainsKeyTM. Through decade of research, Dr. West created magical geometries to reset human subconscious to zero point,

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What is Personal Leadership?

In business school, I learned there were three sources of professional power – competence, network and job title. A job title is what elevates us to leadership positions. A leader is someone with authority and

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Nobody Needs Coaching

It is amusing how people from different continents respond to my profession as a coach differently.  A typical response from an American is: “You are a coach? Oh, how nice!!”  From countries of emerging power

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