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Listening is not a Skill

Listening is a mindset and a behavioral pattern. Most of us can listen and listen really well when we want to, especially if our life is depended on the result of listening. Then why is

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New Generation Leaders

The only definition of a leader is someone who has followers, according to management guru Peter Drucker, popular in the 70’s. I respectfully disagree. Having followers is something can be achieved by either inspiration and/or

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Let’s Grow Up

From our first to our last day on earth, we age everyday nonstop. While aging is mandatory and a force of nature like gravity.  Emotional maturity isn’t and requires deliberate effort.  In other words, we

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Unique Personal Advantage

On my first job 20 years ago, my mentor, a successful executive, was concerned of my naivety. Trying to protect me from workplace politics, he suggested that I study Machiavelli’s book – The Prince –

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21st Century Workplace

Imagine working in a company where you are accepted for who you are – your strengths, quirks, interests and feelings. You are valued by your contributions – helping customers, company, colleagues and communities. You make

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We All Have Emotional Issues

Yes, we do. No need to be defensive. Just as every physical body contains harmful bacteria, scars and experiences unexpected injuries, nobody lives his entire life immune to emotional damages. Most of us were raised

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