The Miracle of BrainsKeyTM

A few weeks ago, I was trained by Dr. Ken West to practice his method of healing, called BrainsKeyTM. Through decade of research, Dr. West created magical geometries to reset human subconscious to zero point, therefore eliminating resistance to productive behaviors.

I met Dr. West one year ago during his speech. It was at a time of my life I experienced tremendous stress and anxiety. Intrigued by his method, the next day I booked a session with him. During the session, Dr. West put me at ease with his kindness and patience, then proceeded to reset me with his geometries. It was a quick and painless process that involved looking at images on a computer while drinking water.  Interestingly, this process works just as effectively if conducted remotely.

A few hours later, I found myself feeling relaxed. No longer anxious. The next day, I noticed the shoulder pain – a symptom of anxiety I had had all my life, disappeared. Now a year later, I haven’t experienced it again.

Using this method, Dr. West has helped Olympic athletes all over the world to improve their performance; helped drug addicts eliminate addiction; helped cancer patients reduce tumors and people with food allergy to eat anything they want. The list goes on and on.

What is even more amazing than his healing method is Dr. West’s compassion and humility. Instead of taking credit to his effort, he called himself the UPS guy – delivering a gift from the universe. He not only delivered, but also generously shared his method to lucky folks like me, so more people can benefit from this miracle.

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