Leadership Coaching

You are the leader, the role model, and the host of your organization. Your company is a reflection of your mindset, your capabilities, and your limitations. You multiply your impact and results when you allow your people to co-lead your organization with a collective intelligence.


This requires a different type of leadership.  A leadership based on wisdom instead of tactics: based on humility instead of authority; based on deep understanding of human needs instead of relentless drive to achievement.  Your capacity for this is correlated with your values or level of consciousness.  To get a simple overview, complete this 5-minute Assessment.   


I work with you one on one, through coaching, to uncover your pre-existing, innate capacity to lead. 

Miracle Retreat

When confronted with challenges, we often focus on problem solving by framing the issue, analyzing the content and acquiring tools.  This is fixing symptoms without addressing the source.  There is a much easier way if we understand how these problems were created in the first place.  


In this 4-day off-site retreat, you will learn how the relationship between mind and emotion can have a profound impact on your business results and quality of life.  You learn how to reframe problems, access creativity and eliminate source of stress. 


The result is an exponential increase in self-confidence, resilience, productivity, innovation and relationship quality.  You will recognize your immense innate power, contrary to how you were socially conditioned.  Check out past results and case studies.  


Through this retreat and follow-up coaching, I share a less known yet life-changing principle and guide your teams through this transformation process.

Teal CEO Circle

This is a program tailored for small groups of like-minded and like-hearted CEOs, who are on the Teal journey.  It conprises facilitated dialogues with the intention to connect, exchange and find guidance.  


The purpose is to create an intimate and safe space for Teal inspired CEOs to share their unique challenges in building Teal organizations, support each other, gain fresh perspectives, and find solutions through collective wisdom.  


In the process, participants acquire more self-awareness, learn the process of unconventional problem solving, discover their own strenghts and build a support network.  Participants will be carefully selected based on a number of criteria to ensure optimal fit.


I will personally facilitate these dialogues, share my experience and understanding of Teal, and provide additional on-going support.  

Speaking & Seminar

Building Teal organizations require us to operate on a new set of paradigm and operating principles, many of which are not only overlooked in our educations but challenges what we think we know for sure.  These speeches and seminars are aimed to facilitate these new understandings and address the most often asked questions related to Teal, and the roles leaders, employees play within Teal organizations:


      *  What is Teal? The big picture and the practical elements
      *  Stages of Teal leadership development – a unique perspective of consciousness 
   *  Wholeness as the foundation of organizational transformation
   *  The essence of self-management – the true human potential
   *  Common misunderstandings of Teal


They range from 30-minute speeches to 2-day interactive seminars.  All can be tailored to specific audiences.