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Want to achieve more with less effort?

It is possible when thoughts and actions are aligned with inner wisdom

That is when miracles happen

Let me guide you through the journey

Maggie Lu

Teal leadership coach, sparring partner & speaker

I help leaders and their organizations address their most challenging issues by applying spiritual principles to business, so they can find effective and unconventional solutions based on a new level of consciousness.
Maggie Lu

Leadership Coaching

You are the leader. the role model, and the host of your organization. Your company is a reflection of your mindset, your capabilities, and your limitations. You can […]

Miracle Retreat

Instead of focusing on symptoms, what if we can easily understand how these problems were created in the first place? Yes, it is possible and rather simple. […]

Teal CEO Circle

This is a program tailored for small groups of CEOs, who are on the Teal journey – designed to connect, exchange and find guidance through dialogues[…]

Speaking & Seminar

Building Teal organizations require us to operate with a new set of paradigm.  The following are speech and seminar aimed to address most […]

Blog Articles

How to Identify Teal Leaders?

Conventional organizations often assess talents based on tangible capabilities, such as knowledge, skills, and past experiences. What’s missing is one of the intangible aspects required to

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What is Teal? (1)

Teal is a color, coined by Frederick Laloux in his ground-breaking book Reinventing Organizations, it describes the latest stage of organizational development. The earlier stages

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