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What Spiritual Practice?

When asked: “What’s your spiritual practice?”  A typical answer most people give is: “I meditate.” Or “I do yoga sometimes.” It is rather interesting how the modern world has unanimously agreed to define meditation or

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Why Raise Consciousness?

Coming from a small remote village, Kan worked hard and was accepted by a top university in the capital city. 10 years into his career, he achieved huge financial success.  His biggest dream was to buy a

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Myths About Life Purpose

“I struggle to find my life purpose.  I don’t know how.” I have heard this comment many times.  Given that there are tens of thousands of free advice on the internet about the importance of life purpose

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What Makes Teal … Teal?

Being Teal is defined by what we DON’T do more than what we DO.   Once entering Teal, for the first time, we see clearly how the social system we spent most of our energy striving

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Meet Teal Role Models (2)

Eckhart’s grades in school didn’t make his parents proud.  At a very young age, he made a decision to quit school and became an apprentice building yachts.  His creativity was so extraordinary that his design earned him

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Teal Qualities Made Tangible

“I want to be Teal, but not spiritual.” I have heard variations of this comment many times.  Ironically, that’s equivalent to saying: I want to study for a Ph.D., but I want nothing to do with

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