One Mindful Choice


Clint had tried to commit suicide a few times, fortunately without success.  However, a few of his cousins and uncles did successfully.  There seems to be a depression gene leading to suicides that run in this extended family. It is a mystery and a family stigma nobody wanted to talk about, understandably.  

Clint really wanted to live.  He had tried every kind of therapy to cure his depression without any luck…until he found an energy healer, a really competent one.  By connecting to the energy of his extended family, the healer found out the cause of his suicidal tendency. 

His great-grandfather came from Europe to New York City on-board the Titanic.  Yes, THE Titanic.  Luckily, he survived miraculously.  Those of us who saw the movie know that only women, children and crew members rowing the boats left the big ship and survived.  How did Clint’s great-grandfather get on one of the boats? We don’t know. However, he suffered survivor’s guilt all of his living years.  Not only that, he passed his low-frequency guilt energy to his offspring and led to generational suicides in the family.  

The good news is, through energy healing, Clint no longer has depression.  His healing process simultaneously cured his extended family.  Yes, we are part of Oneness.  No more suicide attempt ever again in this family.  

Now, look at the other side of the Atlantic ocean. 

Britain is Brexiting – a highly self-destructive and economically damaging activity.  Why would 51.9% of the British population want to self-inflict such pain to their own nation? For the sake of preserving sovereignty? Will the Brexit resolve the sovereignty conflict? Not likely, unless we understand the root cause, rather than the symptom.  

Similar to Clint’s story, the British people are living in the shadow of their own ancestors, from hundreds of years of colonization, depriving other nations of their sovereignty.  Now, the collective conscience has prompted the nation, although subconsciously, to revisit the topic and resolve it.

History always repeats itself, until we learn our lessons. This applies to politics, businesses, romantic relationships, family dynamics, etc.  When we understand the issue in a bigger context, the solution emerges. 

The cure? What the German government did post-WWII can serve as a positive reference – seeking forgiveness and reconciliation. Otherwise, future generations will continue to suffer until we clean the stuck negative energy and heal the wound for all people involved.

We live in an interconnected world. This means nothing happens in isolation.  Nothing happens at random, as we might perceive with a 3-dimensional perspective.  Everything happens for a reason because the Universe operates with ultra logic and total perfection, indeed. 🙂

If we don’t like the circumstance we are in, it is not a punishment from the so-called God. It is an invitation to overcome it. Only humans, when operating from low energy frequency, would punish each other as a way of control or revenge.  Anyone who tells us that God punishes is simply projecting his own thoughts in the name of God. The Universe, the Divine, the Source, or the God (however we want to call it) up there in the highest dimension always exudes love and compassion.  For us, the purpose of life is to learn and to find the Divine within each of us.  

Incidents, we can’t control, happen FOR us, not to us, always for our best long-term interests They are gifts in disguise and offer us opportunities to learn and to grow.  Once we accept the gifts, we elevate ourselves to higher vantage points, increase self-confidence and expand our sphere of influence by connecting with our own inner power.  Once we accept the gifts, we have the potential of turning short-term weakness or pain into long-term strengths.  Look around, we can see many examples of how people created successful careers out of the struggle they overcame, be it physical, relational, or financial. 

Going forward, before making a choice of action, let’s be mindful of its consequences to our loved ones, employees, customers, and community.  Because what goes around will always come around. Going forward, when confronted with a situation we don’t like, instead of questioning “what have I done to deserve it?” or blaming others for it – both are waste of energy, let’s ask “what can I do to move through and beyond it?” 

If everyone on this planet can do these two things all the time, there will be no conflict and no suffering in this world.  While that is a vision for the distanced future, all of us can make ONE MINDFUL CHOICE TODAY. 

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