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The Third Intelligence

After landing in an international airport, I passed through the luggage claim area and headed towards the exit.  Suddenly, a security dog followed and barked at me.  What could it possibly want from me !!?? As

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Forget About Leadership Style

“What’s the right leadership style for me?”  As a leadership coach, I have been asked this question many times.  This question puzzles me.   Is leadership style a fashion statement that can be taken out of a closet,

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The Purpose of Rules?

Some time ago, I drove a rental car across a beautiful (economically) developed country.  At an intersection with a traffic light, I brought my car to a complete stop exactly 0.6 seconds AFTER the traffic light

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We ≠ Our Tools

Nowadays, when we want to learn martial arts, be it Karate or Kang Fu, we simply register for a class, take the lessons, and practice.  Viola, we are black belts or master martial artists.  Congratulations to the

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Emotions in Motion

A dear friend commented how people from certain cultures don’t express emotions. He was proud about how his countrymen were free to scream and yell at each other, even in public. “We know how to express emotions. It’s

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Recruiting for Teal

Teal, for many of us, holds the promise of a dream world.  Some of us are ready to jump in, building or joining a Teal company. There is just one problem.  We can’t build a Teal

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