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Decode Self-Confidence

Almost everyone I have ever coached, be it someone fresh out of university or seasoned executive from a big corporation, wanted more self-confidence.  Indeed, self-confidence is the single most important condition for higher achievement. But where does

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One Mindful Choice

Clint had tried to commit suicide a few times, fortunately without success.  However, a few of his cousins and uncles did successfully.  There seems to be a depression gene leading to suicides that run in this extended

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The Third Intelligence

After landing in an international airport, I passed through the luggage claim area and headed towards the exit.  Suddenly, a security dog followed and barked at me.  What could it possibly want from me !!?? As

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Forget About Leadership Style

“What’s the right leadership style for me?”  As a leadership coach, I have been asked this question many times.  This question puzzles me.   Is leadership style a fashion statement that can be taken out of a closet,

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The Purpose of Rules?

Some time ago, I drove a rental car across a beautiful (economically) developed country.  At an intersection with a traffic light, I brought my car to a complete stop exactly 0.6 seconds AFTER the traffic light

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We ≠ Our Tools

Nowadays, when we want to learn martial arts, be it Karate or Kang Fu, we simply register for a class, take the lessons, and practice.  Viola, we are black belts or master martial artists.  Congratulations to the

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